Are Men’s Casual Shoes 3D Printed?

Haven’t we had a chance to look at the future of men’s running shoes? With the advancement of technology and AI, brands can now bring out comfortable footwear that reduces the risk of injury for the wearer and athlete.

Another technology that is continuously making its mark in the men’s casual shoe category is 3D printing. 3D printing is a technology where a product is created using a digital file. 3D printing requires specialised software and equipment to create the product. 3D printing is now applied in a lot of industries, thanks to the efficiency with which it is possible to manufacture the products.

3D Printed Shoes

It has been over a decade since 3D printing entered the athletic sneaker industry. One of the top brands in the footwear industry - New Balance - is said to have experimented with 3D printing for the first time. Later, top names such as Adidas, Nike, and many others joined the party. 

Not all men’s running shoes and its elements are 3D-printed. As many top footwear brands still use mesh and other fabrics as outer materials, conventional shoe manufacturing is still in full swing. However, more research and development is occurring in the field of 3D printing for footwear.

Why 3D Printing Matters?

3D printing is all set to revolutionise the footwear industry and is poised to be adopted by large and young brands alike. But what does it bring to the table? Let us check why 3D printing is a game-changer.

Instant Product View

When 3D printing men’s casual shoes, first, we need to create the design using specialised software. While creating the 3-dimensional design we get an idea about how the shoe will look in real. This helps the designer to make any modifications or alterations if necessary. Apart from that, the designer can also print out the shoe prototype in just hours to get a more realistic view of the footwear.

Lower Resource Usage

The costs of making quality athletic sneakers may be too much for younger brands. From sole moulds to the cost of buying materials for soles and outer materials, a lot of money needs to be spent to make a shoe. The time taken to make a shoe should also be considered, running into months. However, with the emergence of 3D printing technology, we can now manufacture shoes at a fraction of the cost and time. This helps smaller brands compete with bigger brands and gain more market share.

Better Designs

The conventional way of making men’s running shoes has limitations, particularly in design. It is impossible to bring out shoes that pioneer a footwear design revolution through traditional means. However, 3D printing helps shoe designers break the norms and experiment with novel designs. 

Faultless Shoes

Another highlight of 3D-printed shoes is that they allow brands to bring out faultless shoes. With newer technologies, designers and manufacturers can identify weak spots in athletic sneakers before printing. By correcting these issues, they can bring out the best shoes.

3D printing is indeed a game-changer and helps brands of any size bring out the best men’s casual shoes. Let’s wait for the future where 3D-printed shoes are the new norm. Until then, enjoy the best men’s shoes proudly brought to you by THNXBRO Shoes. Shop now!
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