Can You Share Casual Shoes?

Sharing things is common among friends and family. We share our jackets, jeans and tees with our friends while parents give their younger ones the clothes used by the elder ones. Most outerwear facilitates sharing but what about footwear like athletic sneakers? Can we wear our friends’ shoes or share our shoes with them?

On the outside, sharing shoes may seem harmless but it doesn’t come without their risks. We know men’s casual shoes are used outside, to walk on the roads, jog in the park or work out in the gym. If so, why can’t you share shoes? 

Let us take a look.

Sharing Men’s Sneakers

Men’s sneakers are made of different components which include outer material, soles, inner cushioning and others. Each component ensures the wearer's comfort and the shoe’s durability. If you are looking for stylish shoes known for their extreme durability, you can check out the collection at THNXBRO Shoes.

How often have you marvelled at your friend's shoes and longed to wear them at least once? How many times have you worn your friend’s athletic sneakers and proudly displayed them to your classmates or colleagues? If the answer is many, here is why you may have made the wrong choice.

Different Feet

No two people are the same and there will be differences in their feet, even though the size of their feet will be the same. Your friend who has bought a men’s casual shoe may have wider feet, wider toes, ankles, heavier feet and so on. You, on the other hand, may have a different feet physiology. Therefore, your friend’s casual shoes may not fit properly when you wear them.

Broke In Shoes

When you buy men’s sneakers you must gradually break in the shoe. It helps the shoe adjust to your feet and deliver the best wearing experience. Here’s how you can break into men’s shoes. When you wear your friend’s shoe, you wear something that has already adjusted to another person’s feet. Your friend’s pronation may not be the same as your feet. Therefore, wearing your friend’s athletic sneakers may lead to pain and injuries.

Not Healthy

    When your feet are inside a casual shoe, the heat builds up and your feet sweat, making it an ideal environment for microbes to thrive. Your toenails and the area between the fingers are some vulnerable places. The thing to remember is that microbes and fungi live on men’s casual shoes and other footwear. No matter whether you wear clean socks every day or work in a clean environment, you increase the risk of spreading fungi through sharing shoes.

    What to do if you get Used Shoes?

    What if someone gifts you a used shoe? Should you reject it right away? If you can’t help but accept a used shoe, it is better you clean and wash the shoe thoroughly and dry it well before wearing. It ensures the shoe is as good as new and you can start afresh. However, let your feet and shoes get used to each other before wearing them for a long duration.

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