Caring for Your Feet Before and After Wearing Shoes

How often have we stood in a dilemma, thinking about whether or not to remove the athletic sneakers? The reason - smelly feet, cracked heels, or blisters, among many others. But what causes our feet to smell inside the shoe or look bad? Can we prevent these problems?

Let’s check out how to care for and protect our feet before and after wearing men’s sneakers.

Tips to Care for Your Feet

No one likes smelly or cracked feet. The reasons for smelly feet are the build-up of sweat inside the men’s running shoes and the bacteria in them. Other fungal infections, like athlete’s foot, can also contribute to foul-smelling feet and shoes. Cracked heels arise due to not offering proper care to your feet.

However, following some easy tips can ensure your feet stay comfortable inside the shoes, reducing odour and helping you take off your athletic sneakers confidently.

Wash Your Feet

Most of us may not practice washing our feet after removing our shoes. To ensure your feet stay fresh and comfortable, you must wash your feet at least once a day using warm water and a mild soap. Doing so helps in preventing bacterial and fungal infections. It also helps prevent cracked heels.

Wear the Right Shoes

Always remember to buy men’s running shoes that offer the best fit. Read this blog article if you are looking for expert tips on choosing the best running shoes. You should wear shoes that support your feet and fit well. Shoes that come with good cushioning help reduce foot fatigue. Tight shoes can cause feet starin while loose shoes cause blisters. Therefore, always make sure that you choose shoes with the best fit.

Change Socks Regularly

Ensure you change your socks regularly to keep your feet healthy and clean. You must change your socks, particularly after physical activity, as your feet may sweat, wetting the socks. Wearing them again can lead to infections and a bad smell. Changing into clean socks helps keep your feet clean and dry.

Dry Your Feet

Taking a bath before going to the office or college is a common practice. However, before wearing your socks and the men’s sneakers, you must ensure your feet are dry. Wearing socks or shoes with moisture in your feet can cause more bacterial buildup, leading to infections. Wearing socks with dry feet can also prevent cracked feet.


If your feet are too dry, it causes your heels to crack. So, take care to moisturise your feet at all times, helping your skin to stay healthy.  

These are some simple tips that you can follow to care for your feet and keep them healthy. Well, then, healthy feet require the most comfortable athletic sneakers, and where to purchase them from than THNXBRO Shoes

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