Effective Ways to Break In Men's Casual Shoes

You open the box and find your dream pair of men’s casual lace-up shoes. Now, you can’t wait to wear them and enjoy the envious looks of your mates. Eager, you wear brand-new men’s casual shoes to school, college, or work to show them off. But, hours later, you may start experiencing discomfort that kills your feet. The reason? You haven’t broken into the shoes properly.

So, if you wonder whether breaking men’s running shoes or trekking boots is a thing, let us assure you it is. Breaking in shoes means getting the shoes to adjust to your feet and softening the material. However, remember that it is not a quick process and requires time and patience. So, here are some simple and effective tips to break in men’s shoes to reduce discomfort and even blistering.

Tips to Break in Men’s Casual Shoes

Before jumping into the tips, remember to choose the right shoes while buying, or else breaking into them will be impossible. Here is a guide on how to choose the perfect men’s running shoes. Now, let us get on with it.

  • Wear Socks

    Socks were a staple when wearing men’s casual lace-up shoes and other shoes, but now they are not, thanks to the evolving fashion trends. However, when you have bought new shoes and want to break into them, ensure you wear socks. Wearing socks can help protect your feet from blisters caused when your skin rubs against the inside of the shoes. Ensure the socks are breathable and comfortable, as they help keep your feet cool and dry.

    • Start Slow

      You may be eager to show off your new pair of trekking boots, but you shouldn’t wear them straight away for the whole day. Instead, wear the shoes for shorter periods at first, gradually increasing the duration. It helps the shoe and feet to adjust, reducing all feelings of discomfort. 

      • Crank Up the Heat

        Another effective way to break in men’s running shoes is to apply heat. You can heat or warm up the shoe with the aid of a hairdryer. Blow hot air to the insides of the shoe to get the rigid areas to loosen up. After that, wear the shoes till they cool down. Doing so will help the shoe to conform to your foot shape.

        • Walk

          Wear your new men’s casual shoes and walk short distances around your home, as it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to break in shoes. You can also increase the distance you walk each day to get the shoe and your feet adjusted to each other.

          Apart from these ways, the other methods to break in shoes include using a shoe stretcher, lubricant, or even shaping them out manually with your feet. Always remember that men’s casual shoes must adjust to your feet properly to experience the best comfort.

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