How to tell if the Sports Shoes for Men are Worn Out?

You have just bought the men’s running shoes you have had your eyes on for a while, ready to wear. Just then, your eyes fall on the running shoes you have had for a while. They sit in the corner, looking tired and worn out, not an additional mile in them. But how did you realise that the sports shoe for men that you were using up until now is worn out? Is it even worn out?

Understanding your shoe is crucial for experiencing the best wearing experience and ensuring you do not feel discomfort. Using worn-out men’s trainers can cause foot problems, and footwear experts recommend you change shoes when you start feeling discomfort wearing them.

How do Men’s Trainers Wear Out?

Different materials and components constitute men’s running shoes, including upper material, sole, and others. The soles of most sports shoe for men are made of compressed foam. The foam starts to get soft with day-to-day use and the shock of movement. It is when the shoe begins to lose its shape, contour, and arch support. It is how men’s trainers wear out.

One of the primary functions of a shoe is shock absorption. However, when the shoes are worn out, they lose their ability to absorb shock. The shock generated while walking or running gets transferred to our body, and it is when our legs and body start to pain.

Signs of Worn-Out Shoes

Constantly checking your shoes can help you identify signs of wear and identify whether it is time to replace them. Well, here are some ways to understand whether your shoe is worn out:

Check the Midsole

As shoe owners, what we often check is how the outside of the shoe appears. On the outside, the men’s trainers may look faded, with ripped seams and holes. This may be an indicator that the shoe is worn out. However, more than the outer or upper, you must be checking the midsole. Check whether there are any wrinkles on the midsole. If you find some, then it is time to buy a new pair of THNXBRO Shoes.

Check the Bottoms 

If you own a pair of men’s running shoes and use them regularly, then it is time to check the bottom of the shoes, especially the heels and the forefoot. If the bottom has lost its tread and become smooth, it is an indicator that you need to buy a new pair of shoes. A smooth bottom is more prone to slipping and increasing the risk of injuries.

Listen to Your Body

Pain is one of the signs that indicate that your body is in discomfort. After putting on those sports shoe for men and out on a walk or running, if you start feeling discomfort or pain in your heels and feet, it tells you that the shoe is not fit for further use. The shock generated while running or walking will travel through your body, causing you pain.

These are some of the most simple ways to check whether the shoes you own are worn out. If you wish to purchase a new pair of casual and trekking shoes, you can check out the THNXBRO collection.
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