Lace-up vs Slip-on Men’s Casual Shoes - Which to Choose?

When it comes to buying athletic sneakers, we are spoilt for choices. Most interestingly, we may find it hard to choose between men’s casual lace-up shoes or slip-on shoes. If you need expert advice on how to choose the best men’s casual shoes, you can find it on our blog here

So, now, back to the subject. What should you choose: lace-up or slip-on shoes? Let us check how they differ and how to pick the right one for you.

Men’s Casual Lace-up Shoes vs Slip-on

Men’s footwear has undergone tremendous changes in style over the past few decades. Newer technological advancements have contributed to highly advanced men’s casual shoes that are the epitome of form and function.

However, most sneakers you can find people wearing are lace-up ones. It doesn’t mean that slip-on athletic sneakers don’t have a fan following. Slip-on shoes are now widely gaining popularity, thanks to the changing fashion outlook of people. It calls for a detailed comparison between the slip-on and men’s casual lace-up shoes.

Lace-up Shoes

We can find lace-up shoes across all kinds of shoes, including work boots, formal shoes and athletic sneakers. These shoes come with loads of benefits, which include:

Better Support 

For those considering joint or ankle support as crucial for a shoe, the men’s casual lace-up shoes are for you. The support offered by lace-up shoes helps provide better stability for you while walking for long periods. 

Better Fit

A shoe that fits perfectly offers the best comfort. Lace-up men’s casual shoes help you adjust the shoe’s fit, as you can tighten or loosen it using the lackes. It makes lace-up shoes even more comfortable to wear.

Better Lengths 

Men’s casual lace-up shoes come in different styles and lengths. It, therefore, provides you with better options and choices for various occasions. Lace-up shoes can be the perfect element to amp up your style at parties, college or work.

Slip-on Shoes

We can find slip-on shoes across various categories like boots, formal shoes and men’s casual shoes. The features of slip-on shoes include:

Easy to Wear and Take-off

One of the factors that endeared slip-on athletic sneakers to the masses is that they are extremely easy to put on and remove. Lace-up shoes, require you to bend down to tie the laces in knots. And if the knots get tangled, then getting it untied will be a hard task. You can wear a slip-on shoe with the least effort.

More Lightweight

While lace-up shoes may help you get the best fit, they may not always be the most comfortable. At times, your feet may feel cramped and stuffed inside. Slip-on shoes are more lightweight compared to lace-up shoes, thanks to the lack of tongue and laces. Also, they are considered more breathable than lace-up shoes.

Which to Choose - Lace-up or Slip-on?

As you have understood above, both lace-up and slip-on shoes have their advantages. Therefore, choosing between lace-up or slip-on shoes is ultimately down to a person’s taste and individual preference. 

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