Meet our Travel Ease Collection

What footwear do you love to wear when travelling? Men’s Sneakers - this will be the obvious answer. And what is the reason behind this choice? The lightweight nature of the shoes and the comfort they provide. 

It is for those who love to travel that THNXBRO has the TravelEase collection. It comes with a range of men’s running shoes and athletic sneakers that help you experience comfortable journeys. So, what are the amazing shoes in this collection? Let us take a look.

TravelEase Collection Products

The TravelEase collection has men’s sneakers that blend style and practicality to help you enjoy effortless comfort during journeys. The products include:

Rebel Casual Running Stylish Shoes 




    A lace-up men’s running shoes, the Rebel sports a breathable knitted upper that offers the best all-day comfort. It also makes the shoe ideal to be worn in all climatic conditions, including summer, winter and autumn. Adding to the comfort quotient is the cushioned phylon sole which also makes the shoe slip-resistant. This shoe has a cushioned insole foam that provides extra comfort and a perfect grip. The Rebel shoe comes in two colour options - White and Black. It can be purchased for ₹1599. You can also find a Red colour option for the shoe available for purchase for just ₹1349.

    Jumper Casual Running Shoe




      Do you want your men’s running shoes to be as stylish as it is comfortable? Then waste no time adding the Jumper shoe to your wardrobe or footwear collection. Known for its one-of-a-kind comfort, this shoe also sports a contemporary design that makes heads turn. The Jumper shoe has an all-weather suited breathable knitted upper, cushioned phylon sole and cushioned insole foam that helps it deliver maximum comfort even when wearing it for the whole day. It also boosts the anti-slip properties of the shoe. It comes in Black, White and Orange colour options. You can purchase them for ₹1349 from THNXBRO.

      M6 Athletic Sneakers




        You cannot wear any shoes to the gym. The shoes you choose must support your training and body to reduce the risk of injury or discomfort. It is the reason why athletic sneakers are designed and why they are gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts. The M6 sneakers are strategically designed to cater to multiple uses, including wearing for travel. The upper is suited for any weather and the special TPR sole makes it slip-resistant. The cushioned insole foam offers extra comfort at all times. This stylish sneaker comes in the ever favourite Black colour and it just costs ₹749 now! So, grab it quick.

        TB2096 Athletic Sneakers 




          Should you have multiple shoes or is a shoe that caters to many needs suffice? Well, it is still an ongoing debate among footwear enthusiasts. Nevertheless, having one shoe that checks many boxes will help a lot. The TB2096 Athletic Sneakers is one such shoe. With comfortable and non-slippery TPR soles and a breathable upper, you can wear this shoe for travel, gym and any other purpose. This shoe comes in a stylish Grey colour and is available for ₹998.

          These are a few exciting products in the Travel Ease collection of men’s sneakers from THNXBRO shoes. Shop from our online store.
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