The No-compromise Men’s Casual Shoe

Born in 2017, it only took a few years for THNXBRO Shoes to race to the top of footwear enthusiasts’ minds. It is all thanks to our commitment to providing our customers with top-quality shoes, ranging from hiking boots to gym shoes for men. Our masters of shoe engineering and design always push their limits to bring forth the best pieces that stand the test of time and are the epitome of style.

Adding the THNXBRO men’s casual shoe to your wardrobe is the best way to amp up your style and be the centre of attraction. Our range of men’s running shoes and other casual shoes are designed to help the wearers perform well while staying comfortable.

Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our most sought-after casual shoes - the A7 Athletic Sneakers.

A7 Athletic Sneakers

From wearing to the gym or a casual party, sneakers have become an indispensable part of our lives. We love to get the best shoes, that showcase the latest style and functionality, which are the highlights of THNXBRO Shoes. The A7 Athletic Sneaker is a gym shoe for men that boasts some amazing features.

Here’s what makes this men’s casual shoe unique:

All-weather Upper

    One of the highlights of the A7 Athletic Sneaker is that it sports an upper material that is suited for all weather conditions. Be it summer, winter, autumn or spring, you can wear this shoe with confidence. This shoe is also ideal for diverse activities. You can use this as a men’s running shoes for your daily running exercises or walking, jogging, training, cycling and more.

    Unmatched Comfort

      As a shoe belonging to the DayEase collection, this gym shoe for men is designed to deliver unmatched comfort throughout the day. Our DayEase collection is where comfort and sustainable and effortless styles meet, leading to trendy footwear that ensures effortless steps. Adding to the comfort quotient are the cushioned foam insoles. These insoles help deliver that extra comfort for your feet, preventing fatigue and tiredness and ensuring that you keep going.


        This men’s casual shoe boasts a TPR sole. TPR or Thermoplastic Elastomers are synthetic, rubber-like substances used when flexibility, durability and grip are important. Thanks to this TPR sole, the A7 Athletic Sneakers are non-slippery. The anti-slip feature empowers you to take each step with confidence, across many terrains. 

        Water Resistant

          Afraid that your feet will get wet inside the shoe during rain? Well, with the A7 Athletic Sneaker, this worry is misplaced. This men’s running shoe boasts excellent water-resistant properties, ensuring that your feet stay dry when inside the shoe. So, rainy day or not, go the distance with our exciting range of casual shoes and other footwear.

          Did these exciting features make you fall in love with the A7 Athletic Sneaker? Then, head over to the product page and place your order. This lace-up, flat-heeled sneaker can be purchased for just ₹999 from us. Also, you can use the code FIRSTSHOE if this is your first order and get a flat 10% discount on the order value.

          On our mission to make THNXBRO Shoes easily available across the country, we are now available on Amazon and Flipkart. Our 4.8 star ratings out of 5 speak volumes about the exceptional quality of our shoes. Shop for us now.

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