The VR1 Men’s Running Shoes

Looking for the best running shoe to add to your footwear collection? Then, head over to THNXBRO Shoes online store and check out the impressive collection of men’s running shoes, hiking boots, walking shoes and more. Among them is a standout product belonging to the LongEase category - the VR1.

About LongEase

At THNXBRO Shoes, our entire range of products is divided into 3 categories, which are:

Each category and its products are designed to perform specific functions and cater to specific needs. The LongEase category is designed to help you go the distance. The men’s casual shoes in this category are suited for everyday journeys, be it to college, the office, or the mall. The shoes in this category can also offer the best comfort and support while running or jogging and even for extended journeys. 

It is in this category that you can find the VR1 men’s running shoes. So, what makes this shoe unique and the most sought-after? Let us take a look.

VR1 - Best Running Shoe for Men

With some state-of-the-art features, the VR1 is a true testament to the design philosophy of THNXBRO Shoes. Thanks to the following features, it can be touted as the best running shoe available. The features include:


If it is a men’s casual shoes designed for long wear, the primary ability it should provide is to deliver comfort. That is why the VR1, a LongEase shoe sports breathable materials. The materials and design of the shoe help in letting moisture and heat escape, ensuring maximum comfort at all times. It also boasts free-moving fabrics that conform to your foot for an easygoing experience. 


Men’s running shoes are designed to cater to rapid movement and therefore they must be lightweight. The materials used to make these shoes are lightweight in nature, yet highly durable. The VR1 is made of polyurethane (PU) material that is long-lasting and incredibly durable. This shoe helps you have the best running or walking experience at all times.

Comfortable Soles

The soles play a crucial role in shock absorption and other essential functions of the shoe. The VR1 sneaker’s outsoles are air cushion soles. This helps in doubling the effect of shock absorption. The air cushion soles also provide relief from foot pain, release added pressure and offer the best cushioning comfort.


As the best running shoe at THNXBRO, the VR1 strikes the perfect balance between style and innovative engineering. Apart from being the epitome of the latest fashion trends, the shoe is also a great example of slip-resistance, thanks to its specially design treads and soles. The VR1 ensures that you can make each step without any worries.

Other Features
    • Lace-Up Closure
    • Water Resistant
    • Flat Heel

With all these impressive features, the VR1 men’s casual shoes is undoubtedly a worthy addition to your stylish footwear collection. So, are you ready? Check out the product here and add it to your cart to make your purchase. This shoe comes in Grey, White and Black colour options and can be bought for just ₹1499.

If this is your first purchase from THNXBRO Shoes, add the code FIRSTSHOE while you checkout and get and additional 10% discount on your order value. Shop now!
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