Tips to Maintain Men's Sneakers

We love our men’s casual shoes and wear them with pride. However, we should be asking whether we are taking proper care of our shoes. We wear them on different occasions, take them through various terrains, and use them as we like. It causes damage to the men’s sneakers, causing wear and tear and making them look dirty.

Today, let us look at a few simple tips to take care of and maintain casual shoes that help them look as good as new.

How to Care for Athletic Sneakers

Caring for athletic sneakers is easy but it needs some dedicated effort on your part. Here’s how to clean your sneakers and display a better reflection of your style.

Items needed: Before you start cleaning your sneakers, ensure that you have all the necessary items with you, including a toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush, shoe cleaner or a mild detergent, water and cloth.

Remove Dust and Debris

The first step before washing your men’s sneakers is to brush all the dust and debris off them. You can use the old toothbrush or soft-bristled brush for this. As you use sneakers, dust and debris will get stuck in the seams, textured areas and soles. Loosening dust and debris is essential to prepare the shoe for a deeper cleaning.

Clean the Soles

The soles are integral to men’s casual shoes as they help maintain a better grip on the terrain and the wearer’s comfort. Soles with mud, sand and stones in the treads and crevices tend to slip, leading to injuries. When cleaning shoes, make sure that you clean the soles properly by using a brush or damp cloth and mild detergent.

Store them Properly

If you own more than a pair of athletic sneakers, chances are high that you may not use one every day of the week. You may choose between shoes, sometimes you may not even wear one for a week or two. Doing so will cause dust build-up on the shoes. When you are not using a pair of shoes for long, store them away from moisture, in a well-ventilated area. You can also stuff newspaper inside the shoes to help them maintain shape.

Dry them Properly

Whether you have washed your sneakers or worn them on a rainy day, you should always ensure to dry them properly when they are wet. It is best to let them dry naturally at room temperature. It is also best to stop the practice of keeping men’s casual shoes near fire or in the sunlight to get them dried properly, as it may destroy the material.

Maintain Regularly

Regular maintenance of athletic sneakers is essential to keep them in the best shape. It helps prevent dirt build-up on the shoe and prevent further damage. A clean shoe can also display a better reflection of your style. Ensure to spot clean your shoe as soon as you notice any stains. To spot clean, mix mild detergent and water. Dip a cloth or brush into the solution and scrub the stained area gently. 

So, these are some ways in which you can care for men’s sneakers and help them look the best at all times. For the best casual shoes, visit THNXBRO website and purchase your favorite shoes online.

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