Top-up Your Monsoon Style: Water-Resistant Men’s Sneakers

I still remember my younger days when I preferred to wear sandals on rainy days lest my feet get wet inside the shoes. I believe most of you did or wanted to do the same. Now, growing up, it doesn’t bother me the least. Rain or no rain, I am always eager to wear my best running shoes and experience the best comfort. So, what changed? The footwear industry has upgraded!

The men’s sneakers industry is witnessing constant innovations and research. Water-resistant shoes are one such innovation to grace the industry and change its face. This feature allows footwear connoisseurs like us to wear our shoes proudly and without giving a second thought, even during the monsoon season.

Water-resistant Men’s Casual Shoes

Water-resistant men’s casual shoes are increasingly growing in popularity with more and more choosing them over normal casual shoes. It has also encouraged many brands like THNXBRO Shoes to bring out various water-resistant shoe models (we will look at the water-resistant models available at THNXBRO later). 

Water-resistant vs Waterproof

Well, hearing the term water-resistant for some of the best running shoes, you may mistake it for waterproof properties. Let us inform you that water-resistant is not the same as waterproof. Waterproof shoes will never let any water inside the shoe, keeping the feet dry and comfortable. Water-resistant men’s sneakers will repel water, keeping the feet comfortable, however, there are chances that they may start getting wet when exposed to water for a prolonged time.

Buying Water-resistant Shoes

When buying a shoe, most of us are confused about which to buy as we are spoilt for choices. But should you choose a water-resistant shoe over others? We recommend ‘yes’. If you are at risk of getting your normal shoes and feet wet constantly, you can go for water-resistant men’s casual shoes

Another reason to choose water-resistant shoes is that despite offering an important feature, these shoes cost almost the same as normal shoes. This means you get more value for money and better comfort at the same cost. So, why not choose stylish water-resistant men’s sneakers for your next shoe?

So, let us introduce you to some water-resistant shoes you can purchase from THNXBRO.

Water-resistant Shoes at THNXBRO

VR1 Lightweight Running Shoes

If you are looking for the best running shoes from THNXBRO, it is VR1. The VR1 is a lightweight shoe made with durable materials. The shoe is made of free-moving fabrics that create an easy-going experience. This water-resistant shoe offers the best comfort. You can purchase the VR1 at ₹1,449.

TBA10 Men’s Sneakers

The TBA10 men’s sneaker has a durable TPR sole and sports an upper that is ideal for all weather. This shoe has amazing water-resistance properties and the cushion insole foam offers the best comfort all day round. The TB10 shoe can be purchased from THNXBRO at ₹999.

Zenith Athletic Sneakers

Zenith is one of the best shoes available at THNXBRO shoes. Available in 3 colours, the shoe sports an EVA/TPR sole with amazing slip-resistant properties and offers the best comfort. You can purchase the Zenith shoe from THNXBRO at just ₹1,499.

These are some of the best water-resistant shoes available at THNXBRO. If you still haven’t purchased from THNXBRO yet, use the code FIRSTSHOE for a flat 10% discount on the cart value. Shop now.

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