Why Shouldn’t You Wear Running Shoes for Trekking?

We know that there are different categories of footwear like trekking boots, running shoes and more. Each type caters for a specific purpose. However, most of us use each shoe for all purposes, such as men’s running shoes for trekking and hiking boots for running. However, the question to answer is whether it is a good practice.

It is crucial to understand that each men’s casual shoe is made for a specific purpose and using it for anything other than the purpose will cause wear and tear, and fail to offer the most comfort. 

Should You Wear Running Shoes for Trekking?

Trekking is one of the weekend activities most of us love to partake in. Immense preparation is required for trekking including wearing the right trekking boots. But, what if you wear running shoes for trekking? It is a big no, and let us examine why you should never wear running shoes for trekking.

Different Purpose

    As you know, different men’s casual shoes are made for different purposes. This is one of the primary reasons why you should not wear running shoes while going on a trek. Running shoes are designed to cater to rapid forward movement. Unlike shoes for trekking, which are made for a wide range of terrain, running shoes are designed to be used on a flat surface. Also, while trekking shoes have a highly durable and rugged sole, the soles of running shoes are cushioned to help absorb the shock generated while running. The soles of trekking shoes offer better grip and traction on various surfaces.

    Support Factor

      When it comes to the support offered to the ankle while trekking, men’s running shoes fall far behind because they are not meant for that purpose. The purpose of running shoes is to provide comfort, cushioning and support to the feet. They also help prevent injury to the lower leg. But trekking shoes are designed to provide the best protection and stability to the ankles. It is one of the reasons why hiking boots have a higher cut. This design helps protect the ankle against twists while placing your feet on uneven surfaces.


        Both trekking boots and men’s running shoes boast immense durability but while juxtaposing the two, trekking shoes emerge as the winner. Running shoes are lightweight and much more flexible than trekking boots, which is why we prefer them over everything else. This design makes them good for running but not for hiking. Shoes for hiking should be able to withstand the challenges of the trail and hold up nicely to the different conditions. The material used should also be resistant to wear and tear. The footwear used for trekking should be able to continue supporting the feet while you are on the trail.

        These are some reasons not to wear running shoes while going out for a trek with your friends. Running shoes are designed for moderate use like a jog but not for extreme conditions. If you are all about having the best trekking experience, trekking boots are the best bet.

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