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How to Prevent Foot and Ankle Injury When Running?

Running is one of our favourite physical activities we like to engage in. Running for at least 30 minutes daily can help keep us in perfect shape and health. For the best running experience, we buy the best running shoes

However, no matter how expert we are, sometimes, while running, even when wearing men’s running shoes we may feel discomfort or get injured. The fact is that following some methods can help you prevent foot and ankle injuries while running. Let us take a look.

Preventing Foot and Ankle Injuries 

The best running shoes for men, with their cushioned soles and breathable material, are designed to ensure maximum comfort. Yet, any slight mistakes on the part of the wearer lead to minor injuries. Here’s how to prevent it.

Get the Best Shoes

The shoes you wear for running have a say in the comfort you experience. It also has a say on the health and strength of your foot and ankles. When choosing men’s running shoes, ensure that you buy high-quality running shoes like the ones you can find on the THNXBRO online store. Lightweight shoes with comfortable air cushion soles can help reduce the risk of injury. When you choose shoes, ensure there is ample gap between the tip of the shoe and your toe. Roomy toe boxes allow for better breathability and prevent your toe from hitting the shoe. Here is our expert guide on choosing the best running shoes for men.

Replace Worn Out Shoes

The shoes we own are often bought with our hard-earned money. This is why we often try to use the shoe to its maximum. Sometimes we are not able to identify when the shoes are worn out. No matter if you own the best running shoes, if the shoes are worn out, you are at a higher risk of foot injury when running. Always check your shoe’s outer material and the soles for wear and tear. If the treads and heels are worn out, it is time to buy new shoes for running. Here is how you can check if your shoes are worn out.

Switch between Shoes

If you own more than a pair of men’s running shoes try to switch between shoes each day you go for running. It ensures that your feet and ankles are not subjected to repetitive stress. Each shoe will have a different shape and form and the pressure exerted on your legs will differ. Switching shoes will help in preventing foot and ankle injuries.


After buying one of the best running shoes for men, you should not go out for a run the next minute. First, you have to make sure that you break into the shoe. Breaking in men’s shoes helps your feet to adjust to the shoe and prevent discomfort and injuries. To understand how to effectively break into men’s shoes, read our blog here. Also, before going out for a run, it is good practice to warm up and stretch to loosen the muscles. It can help prevent foot injuries.

At THNXBRO Shoes, we wish that everyone has an amazing running experience. This is why we have designed the best running shoes with the latest design and technology. Shop now.
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